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​st.louis food truck association

​Proud member of the

​Aegean Corporation                        11-1:30pm

Equifax                                           11-1:30pm

​Rider Trail Location

​Rug Doctor                                     11-1:30pm


14775 N Outer 40   Chesterfield        11-1:30pm

Florissant Food Truck Knights           5-8pm

​Florissant Knights of Columbus

feast in faust park

​5-8pm  ​aug 14

feast in laumeier park

​5-8pm  ​aug 1

feast in creve coeur park

​5-8pm  ​aug 27

florissant food truck knights

​5-8 pm  aug 22

​florissant knights of columbus

feast in creve coeur park

​5-8pm  ​sept 24

feast in faust park

​5-8pm  ​sept 11